You experience some unusual feeling, from the busy Sochi streets, areal mysterious atmosphere of the East. So it is with the popular Sochi cafe Tubeteika - the perfect combination of oriental flavor and modern service. It is here you can get acquainted with true Asian hospitality.

Tubeteika - is the best cafe in Sochi, designed in classic oriental style. Here you can try such dishes as shurpa, lagman, dumplings (manty), rice, and even real Bukhara samsa. The chef also serves traditional Russian dishes: dumplings (vareniki), borscht, dumplings (pelmeni), a variety of breakfast cereals. Branded salads, hot dishes, and of course, homemade flower products. This variety will be able to satisfy the taste of any gourmet. Tubeteika is positioned as a children's cafe. The special children's menu for the little ones has been created with love.

The basic rule of our Asian cuisine - an exceptional freshness of the ingredients, which the chef personally takes from the market every morning. And, of course, all the dishes are not only amazingly delicious, but also aesthetically pleasing.
Tubeteika – a quite inexpensive cafe in Sochi, in which all complies with the best Asian traditions: a characteristic pattern, fabrics and ceramics, and of course - the best dishes of Asian cuisine. All national dishes prepared according to traditional recipes from authentic ingredients.

Our family cafe in the center of Sochi offers its guests an excellent opportunity to taste the meat and vegetables cooked on the grill. What's so special about it? - You ask. A highlight is the use of natural volcanic lava stones, on which aromatic dishes are prepared. In general, the range of the Asian and European cuisine, offered in our menu, will impress your imagination - we will always find how to please even a regular customer. A wide selection of Russian, Georgian and Uzbek dishes allow an experience of completely new taste sensations. Branded drinks will be a perfect complement to the delicious sweets, such as Chuck-Chuck, Turkish Delight and baklava. Together with branded fragrant tea you can enjoy a delicious jam made from selected fruits grown in the fertile Krasnodar Territory. In addition, in Tubeteika you can taste the classic soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, unmatched French, Italian, Spanish, Chilean, Argentine and domestic wines. And if you have any doubts about what to order, the waiters are always ready to help, explain/ in detail the composition of dishes.

Tubeteika has a peaceful atmosphere with Internet cafes that will help you to relax and spend an unforgettable evening. It does not matter, if it will be a business meeting, vacation with friends or family dinner - we will make sure that everyone can feel like a real khan from a fairy tale of Scheherazade...

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